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Obtain an outline of Bible, Theology and Ministry

Certificate in Christian Studies

Courses of essential biblical, historical, theological knowledge for Christians on the globe.

Certificate in Bible and Theology

Courses of foundational biblical and theological knowledge for aspiring Bible teachers and lay leaders.

Certificate in Mission and Ministry

Everything the evangelist and church planter needs to lay the foundation for a lasting, fruitful ministry.

Certificate in World Christianity

Courses for the understanding of the historical expansion of Christianity and indigenous Christian communities.


30 Dec 2020

Olivet Seminary Releases 'Biblical Personal Ethics'

Olivet Seminary (OS) has recently released the course entitled ‘'Biblical Personal Ethics' by Dr. Paul De Vries. Biblical Personal Ethics is a thoughtful, Spirit-led, Bible-based examination of the four core ethical standards of godly living - as they are each taught in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

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12 Nov 2020

Olivet Seminary Expands its Network across the Continents

Olivet Seminary has established its global campuses across the continents around the world. Olivet Seminary has settled in different countries in ten regions of the world including South Africa (Africa), Korea (Asia Pacific), China, Russia (The Common Wealth of Independent States), United Kingdom (Europe), Brazil (Latin America), USA (North America), Australia (Oceania), Indonesia (Southeast Asia) and India (South Asia).

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17 Sep 2020

Olivet Seminary Releases the Full Package of 'Epistle to the Romans'

Olivet Seminary (OS) has successfully released 'The Epistle to the Romans Chapters 5-8.' As such, the full package of Romans lectures from chapters 1-8 can be freely utilized by OS students around the world as it stands today.

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