Christian Studies and Ministry Certificate Program

The Christian Studies and Ministry Certificate Program offered at Olivet Seminary aims to equip members of Olivet Assembly with foundational knowledge of Bible and Theology, as well as skills necessary for ministry, so that they can be prepared for ordination, and to be effective leaders of churches, fellowships, and other ministries.


In the context of Olivet's mission, completion of the Christian Studies and Ministry program will enable students to:

  • Grow in likeness to Christ.
  • Develop biblically and theologically sound expository sermons within a historical context.
  • Evaluate contemporary moral and social issues by applying Biblical and theological principles.
  • Have professional competencies, particularly in missions and church ministry.


The program takes three years to finish for full time students. For part-time students, the program should be finished within a maximum of 5 years.


The program includes a total of 96 units.

1. Biblical & Biblical Languages Studies Requirement (32 units)

Students are required to take the following six Biblical studies courses and four biblical language courses:

  • 1. BIBL501 Old Testament I - Pentateuch (4 units)
  • 2. BIBL502 Old Testament II - Historical Books, Psalms and Wisdom Books (4 units)
  • 3. BIBL503 Old Testament III - Canonical Prophets (Isaiah-Malachi) (4 units)
  • 4. BIBL511 New Testament I - Gospels (4 units)
  • 5. BIBL512 New Testament II - Acts & Pauline Epistles (4 units)
  • 6. BIBL513 New Testament III - Hebrews to Revelations (4 units)
  • 7. BIBL550 Hebrew for Biblical Interpretation I* (2 units)
  • 8. BIBL551 Hebrew for Biblical Interpretation II* (2 units)
  • 9. BIBL560 Greek for Biblical Interpretation I* (2 units)
  • 10. BIBL561 Greek for Biblical Interpretation II* (2 units)

*Note: These courses may be waived if the student takes proficiency exams and demonstrates competency in the Biblical Hebrew or Biblical Greek.

2. Theological & Historical Studies Requirement (40 Units)

Students are required to take the following four historical studies courses and six theological studies courses:

  • 1. HIST501 History of Christianity I: 100-1500 (4 units)
  • 2. HIST502 History of Christianity II: 1500-1900 (4 units)
  • 3. HIST503 History of Christianity III: 1900-Present (4 units)
  • 4. HIST510 Historical Theology I (4 units)
  • 5. THEO500 Theological Prolegomena (4 units)
  • 6. THEO501 Systematic Theology I: Doctrine of God, Anthropology (4 units)
  • 7. THEO502 Systematic Theology II: Christology, Soteriology (4 units)
  • 8. THEO503 Systematic Theology III: Ecclesiology, Eschatology (4 units)
  • 9. THEO600 Christian Apologetics (4 units)
  • 10. THEO610 Christian Ethics (4 units)

3. Ministry Studies Requirement (16 Units)

All students are required to take the following four ministry studies courses:

  • 1. MINS600 Evangelism & Discipleship (4 units)
  • 2. MINS700 Homiletics (4 units)
  • 3. MINS710 Pastoral Counseling (4 units)
  • 4. MINS760 Pastoral Ministry (4 units)

4. Electives Requirement (8 Units)

Students are required to take additional elective courses of their choice from any courses offered at the local seminary. The courses should be at the graduate level, and in the area of Bible, theology, or ministry.


As the curriculum is well aligned with the curriculum of Olivet Theological College and Seminary, the recognition of students’ learning only depends on the quality of the offering at the local seminary. Olivet University has an evaluation system to evaluate the comparability of the learning experience offered at each local seminary with its counterpart offered at OTCS. For recognition of each specific course, students should confirm with their local seminary as well as Olivet Theological College and Seminary.


  • 1. High school degree or higher
  • 2. Pass the Foundational Bible Test of Olivet Seminary
  • 3. Serve as a cell group leader or more experienced minister
  • 4. Recommended by a OA pastor


  • 1. Finish all coursework with 3.0/4.0 Cumulative GPA or higher.
  • 2. Pass all chapel courses.
  • 3. Pass the summative evaluation.


For students who graduated from high school but don’t have a bachelor’s degree. We offer at Olivet Seminary a pre-program to prepare students for study in the Christian Studies and Ministry Certificate Program. The pre-program is a one quarter program consists of the following three courses:

  • COMM130 Speech & Communication (4 units)
  • SOCI150 Research & Writing (4 units)
  • ANTH320 World Perspectives (4 units)

Christian Studies and Ministry Program

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