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Q. How do I sign up to take a class?

A. Simply create an Olivet Seminary account and then register for the course of your choice. Follow the prompts on the Olivet Seminary website.

Q. What happens after I sign up for a course?

A. You will receive an activation email. Follow the prompts in that email to activate your account. You will need to log in each time you access your course(s). Once logged in, you can access the mini video lectures, virtual labs, assessments, etc.

Q. Can I take more than one course at a time?

A. You may take multiple Olivet Seminary courses.

Q. How do I log in to take an Olivet Seminary class?

A. Once you sign up for a course and activate your account, click on the “Sign In” button on the class.olivetseminary.org home page. You will need to type in your email address and Olivet Seminary password each time you log in.

Q. I am having login or account problems (password/email unrecognized).

A. Please check your browser’s settings to make sure that you have the current version of Firefox or Chrome, and then try logging in again. You may need to click on the activation email link before logging in the first time after new account creations. If you find access impossible, please first go to the Login page and click on the Forgot password link, otherwise contact info@class.olivetseminary.org to have your password reset.
Please visit the documentation online for additional troubleshooting issues that you may have before emailing support.

Q. I did not receive an activation email.

A. If you did not receive an activation email it may be because:
There was a typo in your email address.
Your spam filter may have caught the activation email. Please check your spam folder.
You may be using an older browser. We recommend downloading the current version of Chrome or Firefox.
JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Please check your browser settings and confirm that JavaScript is enabled.
If you continue to have problems activating your account, we recommend that you try creating a new account. There is no need to do anything about the old account. If it is not activated through the link in the email, it will disappear later.

Q. I am experiencing problems with the display. E.g., There are tools missing from the course display, or I am unable to view video.

A. Please check your browser and settings. We recommend downloading the current version of Chrome or Firefox.

Q. Which courses should I take to receive "OS Certificate in Christian Studies"?

A. Please take eleven courses:
Biblical Hermeneutics, History of Christianity 1, History of Christianity 2, Introduction to Missions
Bible-Centered Worship, How to Start a Church, How to Grow a Church
Remember the Heart of the Bible, A Biography of Jesus, The Epistle to the Romans 1, The Epistle to the Romans 2
Please see further details below:

Q. How can I send my exam answers?

A. After completing your exam answers, please send it to 'exam@class.olivetseminary.org'.

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