Olivet Seminary offers a range of learning opportunities to beginning students of the Bible, mission, and theology. Besides individual courses and non-certificate programs run by each local campus all Olivet Seminaries offer one or more certificate programs for students contemplating to serve at their churches in capacities with greater responsibilities.

These certificates and courses are aiming for a college-level depth and quality. Education at Olivet Seminary is rooted in a strong Biblical foundation. All courses come from the fields of biblical studies, theology/history, and missiology. They are grouped into certificate programs by fields and difficulty. This means a student need to complete the basic courses in for example biblical studies.

Olivet Seminary offers the following basic certificate programs in preparation for more advanced studies in these fields.

OS Certificate Program

Olivet Seminary Certificate in Christian Studies

Complete 100% Online

Total: 11 courses

Theology and History 4
Biblical Hermeneutics
History of Christianity 1
History of Christianity 2
Introduction to Missions
Ministry 3
Bible-Centered Worship
How to Start a Church
How to Grow a Church
Old & New Testament 4
Remember the Heart of the Bible
A Biography of Jesus
The Epistle to the Romans 1
The Epistle to the Romans 2


Obtain an outline of Bible, Theology and Ministry

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